Isolation International Film Festival
Welcome to the 2020 Isolation International Film Festival. The official interactive film festival made by the people, for the people, handing you the reins to explore new perspectives and dimensions from the comfort of your own home. The power is in your hands.

The Festival

Monday 6 April - Friday 8 May

In times of fear and uncertainty, it is important to celebrate humanity and find new ways to question our sensibilities and broaden our horizons. While the world is on lockdown, film still has the power to transport us to different places and times, to hitch our breaths or elicit intense joy, to shock, surprise, educate, incite, provoke, mystify, unify, and more.
We have a compact selection of 60 films, which has allowed for the entire lineup to be carefully curated within a short space of time to not only entertain, but challenge perceptions and transport us beyond the norms of our bubbles. You as the viewer will stage your own screenings. What we provide is a forum to get inspired and exchange ideas.
The majority of these films made headlines during the 21st century at one of the three principal film festivals—Cannes, Berlin and Venice, with a few more imported from Sundance and Toronto—created by the ethos of innovation and enrichment.
Yet to the festival novice, it is vital to note the sheer diversity among these selections in everything from genre to period, style, culture, and background, thus many of these films have found themselves equally at home in Hollywood as on the French Riviera.
Each festival has its own distinct flavour, as does each section within these festivals. The Isolation International Film Festival collates the most notable entries of this century and beyond into two main competition pools, with entries ranging from science fiction to dramas, thrillers, action and dark comedy, while other sections emphasise particular styles or themes.
The ‘Sections’ page lists the competing films and gives a more in-depth outline of each category and the available prizes, while the ‘Programme’ page provides a synopsis of the individual entries to help viewers choose the films they wish to see. From here viewers are able to access individual film pages, where they can rate the films they have seen and leave reviews.
Viewers will be able to vote for their favourite films at any point during the festival, with voting officially closing at 12:00pm (GMT+12) on Saturday 9 May. Afterwards the votes will be averaged out, the juries will collaborate to determine the separate jury prize recipients, and all winners will be announced at 6:00pm (GMT+12) on Sunday 10 May.

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